Thursday, April 10, 2008


Kelantan, translates as the "Land of Lighting" is a veritable treasure throve of delight. Kelantan has population of about 1.4 million - malay, Chinese and Indian .Kelantan is a world of gracious beauty, retaining an old-world charm that few can resist. U can come to Kelantan and let her natural attributes work their magic on you.

Malaysian Airlines links Kota Bharu to the major towns in the peninsular. Trains are available at the Wakaf Baru Station and Sungai Golok Station. There are adequate taxis and buses playing between the capital and outlying districts. Car rental agencies are plentiful. Travel agents can easily plan a hassle-free holiday for u.

Taxi services are available on a basis of four passengers toa taxi. Time of departure will depend on its full loads.

Daily Taxi Service Rates

Kota Bharu to Kuala Terengganu RM 12 - RM 15
Kota Bharu to Gua Musang RM 12 - RM 15
Kota Bharu to Kuantan, Kuala Lumpur,
Butterworth, Penang and Ipoh RM 25 - RM 40
Airport RM 10

There are two stations in Kota Bharu. Both stations are accessible by bus no 19 or 27. Visitors are advised to use Wakaf Bharu Station.

Express trains depart daily for various destinations throughout Kelantan and major towns in Peninsular Malaysia right up to Singapore. Train schedules are subject to alteration at short notice.

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